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Eaglesoft DG releases the Citation CJ1 V.2

FS9. The secretive aircraft designer, Eaglesoft DG, is finally showing off something. The Cessna Citation CJ1+ V.2. is available for FS9. The FSX version will follow soon.

This new version (FS9) includes a FMS and Navigraph airac updates support.

Features :

- Specular Shine, Reflective 32 Bit Textures,

- Wing views from the Luxurious Cabin,

- Multiple High Quality Citation CJ1+ Liveries included,

- Animated Pilots, animated Control Surfaces, animation of Passenger Doors and Cargo Door.

- Systems modeling of Oxygen and Pressurization, electrical, flaps, fuel Systems..

- Reflective Textures, Dynamic Shine, Luxurious Night Lighting

- Flight Dynamics,

Cockpit and Avionic :

Collins Pro Line 21 "Glass" Avionics Suite

Eaglesoft Garmin 500 GPS Backup System

TCAS 2: Accurate Traffic Avoidance System

Eaglesoft Special Electronic Chart View System

CAWS: Accurate Collins Caution and Warning System

Accurate Ground Proximity Warning System: GPWS Aural Warning

Universal UNS-1 Flight Management System supports FS Data Base

Universal UNS-1 Flight Management System supports Navigraph Data Base

More on the Eaglesoft DG CJ1 V2 FS9 :


Picture of a real Citation CJ1


A new canadian project

FSX. Oryx Sim has started a new project : designing some airports in canadian rockies../..

Oryx aims at covering underserved canadian regions in FSX.

- Florian is already working on Kelowna British Columbia (yes, another one after Simaddons version).

- The airports will be sold at a reasonnable price (the first one will be around 10 euros/15 US $).

- Normally, the airports will be compatible with Orbx NA BLUES.

- No FS9 compatibility expected.

An early GMAX screen from Oryx's forum :

More on :


Ariane Design : the HUB philosophy

While some people are still waiting for a full Airac library or a "Navdata", which is today, a standard feature offered in iFLY B737ng and PMDG B737ngx, Ariane Design has invented the HUB concept. You pay for a bunch of flight plans each time you fly on an airline. Today, Ryanair. And if tomorrow, you wish to fly on American Airlines or Westjet, you pay again for two dozen of flight plans.

Ariane announced his Navdata a year ago, then in june, then...

Dash Q400 : some other VC shots

FSX. From Samdim Design, Majestic's partner, very fresh shots of the Bombardier Q400 project.

All the details of this project :


Tunis Carthage X : more previews

FSX. More screenshots from Tunis Carthage DTTA, the tunisian capital airport. If everything goes well, the airport might be released in early october../.

This project has been launched by Airdailyx and FSADDON+. We are supporting a young developer (Frederic Kabalu) and will offer a 500€ reward if he can finish the scenery before october 1st. The project was also launched to welcome the tunisian "revolution" and help the development of FSX airports in Africa.

Frederic has already developed many freeware airports for FS9 and designed Nairobi Intl.

An other preview posted last month.

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feel free to publish these previews (credit : Tunis Carthage X project).